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DAR Cemetery Records

To search for a specific cemetery use the locator list. The cemeteries are listed alphabetically by last name. The volume/book where each cemetery is located is indicated on the right side of the page. Each volume is listed below. Additionally, Curtright Funeral Home Records from 1927-1972 and the Pine Hill Cemetery Records are available.

Locator List

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5

Curtright Funeral Home Records

Pine Hill Cemetery Records

All books are copyrighted material with rights reserved. Any duplication is not authorized.

Information Request:
Louisa Chapter DAR members are working on a historical preservation project entitled One Room and Early Schools of Lawrence County, Kentucky. There were 101 schools recognized in Lawrence County. DAR members would like to invite the public to send any items that would add to this project. Do not send original pictures, only a copy, as they will not be returned. The outline for sending information includes: school name, school number, year, teacher, picture, school memories, and a detailed location of the school. Identification, if possible, of as many people in any group picture is appreciated. Please send information to the following address(es):

101 School Project     -or-      Louisa Chapter DAR
2181 Highway 2565                 P.O. Box 1203
Louisa, KY 41230                    Louisa, KY 41230

Please click the following link for a list of schools needing information:
One Room and Early Schools of Lawrence County

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