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Meeting Room Policy

Lawrence County Public Library
Meeting Room Policy

 Subject: Regulation for use of library meeting room.

Policy I: The board of trustees of the Lawrence County Public Library extends to the community and county the use of the library meeting room facilities as an outreach service, to be used free of charge by civic, educational, cultural, and professional organizations of Lawrence County. Regular meetings of such groups or special activities relating to stated purposes of said organizations would be considered. Meetings such as birthday parties, anniversary parties, etc. will not be allowed.

  1. Availability of the meeting room use shall be on basis of order or requests received.

III. Children or youth groups using the meeting room must be accompanied by adult sponsors who will be present at designated times of children’s arrival and remain until all children have departed.

  1. Any damage to building equipment or grounds through misuse or carelessness shall be replaced or repaired to satisfaction of the Library Board within a reasonable length of time.
  2. While the meeting room is not intended for use by persons nor organizations for monetary gain, should such a request occur, application must be submitted to the Library Board of Trustees and permission granted at their discretion.

Fees for such shall be as follows:

All day meetings: $20.00
Afternoon & evenings: $15.00
Mornings: $10.00

  1. Reservations for the meeting room shall be made by contacting the library. For meetings after regular business hours the keys must be picked up by 5:00 through the week and 1:00 on Saturday’s.

VII. The meeting room SECURITY POLICY is as follows. Anyone reserving the room after hours will be required to turn on the security system before exiting the building. A key fob will be attached to the key ring. Loss or damage of this key fob will result in a $100 replacement fine. Failure to abide by these rules will result in loss of privileges.

Press the ‘unlock’ button in the upper right corner. Hold down for 5 seconds. You will see a green light flash at the top of the key fob. This will only disarm the areas accessible to meeting room attendees. TURN OFF THE ALARM BEFORE OPENING THE DOOR.

Press the ‘lock’ button in the upper left corner. Hold down until you see a green light flash at the top of the key fob. After turning on alarm exit out of the meeting room door and leave the keys/key fob on top of the filing cabinet. Staff will retrieve them in the morning.
*** You will have 30 seconds to exit through the meeting room door once the alarm is set.

In order to keep the building as clean as possible, it is requested that persons responsible for the group check the following items when their meeting is over.

  1. All trash must be removed from the meeting room.
  2. All kitchen utensils, dishes, and cooking equipment must be cleaned and put away.
  3. Food – Any food spills must be cleaned by the adult in charge. If professional cleaning is required the signee will be responsible for this.
  4. A sweeper is provided. Located in meeting room closet. Carpet must be swept at the end of each meeting.
  5. Be sure any faucets are turned off.
  6. Be sure the Keurig and/or coffee pot is turned off.
  7. No climbing on furniture.
  8. All furniture must be arranged in the manner it was found. See diagram on meeting room door. Chairs must be stacked no more than five high and placed in the closet in the order found.
  9. Turn off all lights.
  10. Make sure meeting room door is shut and latched.
  11. Make sure the alarm is set.

Failure to comply with any of the rules in this policy will result in loss of privileges.

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